About Us


Since 2001, the SpanishChecker team has helped millions of students master the rules needed to write in Spanish. Our tools stand out because they promote learning through interaction and learner-focussed feedback. SpanishChecker is used in every country in the world and is recognized as the go-to resource for learners of Spanish. We are recommended by speakers who appreciate the pedagocial principles we follow in the application of all our resources.

Our Team

Terry Nadasdi, President and CEO (PhD, Unviersity of Toronto). Terry is a linguistics professor with more than 30 years experience in language teaching and research. He has published four books and more than 50 articles on second language grammar, language pedagogy and bilingualism. Terry is in charge of most of the day-to-day operations. He is co-creator of SpanishChecker and has written all the rules and feedback for all grammar checkers and has composed all of our grammar and vocabulary guides.

Stéfan Sinclair (1972-2020), Co-creator (PhD, Queen's University). Stéfan was co-creator and designed/developped everything that is SpanishChecker since his passing in 2020. He was a professor in the Department of Languages, Literatures, and Cultures at McGill University where he specialized in digital humanities, text analysis, visualization and humanities tool development (including Voyant Tools), Stéfan is deeply missed by our community, but his influence and presence will never disappear.

Stephanie Posthumous, Vice-president (PhD, Western University). Stephanie is currently an Associate Professor at McGill University and has been involved with SpanishChecker since the beginning. When she's not writing rules for our grammar checker, Stephanie engages in research that ranges from the convergence of digital and environmental humanities to the representation of animals in French literature. She is an experienced professor who plays an important role in all our executive decisions.

Andrew MacDonald, Systems Administrator/Web Developer (BA, McMaster University). Andrew takes care of the magic behind the scenes, ensuring that our web interface is up-to-date and putting out fires when needed. He has a background in digital humanities and has more than 15 years experience in the field.

Clare Morgan, Social Media Advisor and Business Consultant (BA, University of Alberta). Clare brings her 20 years of business acumen to the team, making sure we remain relevant and viable. She focusses on promotion and keeps up with social trends, allowing the rest of us to spend our time on the tools of our trade.

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